Pig Feeders For Leading Pig Producers

PigTek® Pig Equipment Group offers a variety of pig feeders and complete pig production systems.

PigTek's CHORE-TIME® Market Pig Feeders are designed to help simplify the management of your pigs as they grow. With that goal in mind, the company offers different market pig feeders to help match various pig management and feeding styles:

Nursery feeders
Wean-finish feeders
Finish feeders
Dry feeders (GENERATION 4™ Feeders*)
Wet/dry feeders

All feeders have been designed to help producers save hours in clean-out and feeder adjustment time as well as to prevent feed waste.

*GENERATION 4™ Feeders were originally manufactured by Staco, Inc. In 1998, Staco was acquired by CTB Inc. CTB, Inc. is a leading global designer, manufacturer and marketer of systems and solutions for the pig, poultry, egg production, and grain industries. PigTek is a division of CTB, Inc.

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