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Chore-Time's QUADRATHERM® QuadRadiant® Heater has been shown in case studies to save up to 20% on fuel costs.*  Here's why the QUADRATHERM Heater is so efficient:  

  • The QUADRATHERM® Heater converts more of the thermal capacity of the gas to infrared heat and transfers more of that heat to the floor.

  • The large, ribbed emitter surface area radiates more infrared heat than other heater styles.

  • The spacious combustion chamber and highly effective, pressurized burner result in even heat distribution through all burner ports and enhance overall heater efficiency.

*Based on 2009-2010 case studies – your results may vary depending on house conditions.


Chore-Time's 80,000 BTU QUADRATHERM® Heater
is now available in a CGA-approved model. 

The special shape of Chore-Time's QUADRATHERM® Heater reflects heat in a wide pattern 30-40 feet by 40-60 feet (9.1-12.2 meters by 12.2-18.3 meters).

  • The heater's unique shape and reflective surfaces enhance transfer of infrared heat to the floor. 

  • Burner efficiency is further optimized using additional combustion air through the bottom of the heater.
  • QuadRadiant® Heat requires fewer units and less run time to heat a typical house.
  • Because the heater permits zone control, you can heat only the areas of the house where heat is needed, saving even more fuel.

Growers Love Chore-Time's QUADRATHERM QuadRadiant Heater!

I installed six houses of QuadRadiant Heaters on my farm.  The floor heat is the most uniform I have seen with any heating system, and there is a considerable savings in operating expense.  I have been very satisfied with the heaters, and I highly recommend them." 

Texas Grower


The image shows the actual heat pattern of one 80,000 BTU
QUADRATHERM® Heater centered in a 40 x 40 foot (12.2 x 12.2 m) area.  The heat pattern shows the narrow range of temperature variation and the large comfort zone under the single unit.

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