Chore-Time's GENESIS®  Breeder Feeders Are
the Feeding System Alternative You Should Consider

NEW! Straightline Version Now Available!


Chore-Time's GENESIS® Breeder Feeder offers:

More feeding spaces per feeder.  With 18 grill openings, the GENESIS® Feeder helps you feed more birds per foot or meter of feeder line.

Greater bird mobility throughout the house.  Thanks to the feeder's unique mounting angle on the feed line tube, birds have more freedom of movement in the house.

Significant feed cost savings due to reduced feed waste coupled with better feed use.


Explore various feeder configurations at our online GENESIS® Breeder Feeder Calculator!

Pullet Model

Unique Angle on Feeder Tube gives birds more freedom of movement


Hen Model


What would it mean to you to be able to save tons of feed with every flock?

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