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Free Your Broilers from Grill Restrictions
with Chore-Time's
LIBERTY® Broiler Feeder

  It's All About Feed Visibility and Access ... and Feed Savings, Too!

Chore-Time's LIBERTY® Feeding System features an open approach to feed access along with feed savings.

  • The LIBERTY Feeder's variable flood capability offers more flexibility in reducing the flood level and setting the feed level for grow out.
  • With Chore-Time's LIBERTY Feeder, you're not limited to choosing between too much feed and too little as birds grow, because you can change the feed level gradually.
  • Built-in feed saving features include a feed-retaining lip in the pan, feed fins that help prevent raking of feed and a rounded pan bottom shape that moves feed further out in the pan so birds eat from the perimeter sooner.

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The LIBERTY® Feeder's open grill makes feed highly visible and accessible to birds of all ages and weights.


The LIBERTY® Feeder offers variable
flooding throughout the flock.  Using the
actuator, adjust the flood level in up to
61 m (200 feet) of feeder line at a time.


Feed saving features include the
center cone's incorporated anti-rake
fins and the special grill edge.


Offering a complete line of integrated
feeding, watering, ventilation, heating,
cooling and control products for broilers.

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