Looking for a Fan with Long-Lasting
Materials and Ultra-High Efficiency?
57-Inch E
NDURA® Fan Delivers Both!

Chore-Time's ENDURA® Fan features materials designed for long life, high output capacity and tremendous efficiency -- it all adds up to real savings for you!

(1) Materials strategically selected for durability include the long glass fiber composite shroud and shutter doors, HDPE cone and galvanized, powder-coated fan drive and support structures.  Also now available with a stainless steel blade and shaft option.

(2) HYFLO® Shutter doors coupled with overall fan design result in industry-leading CFM/Watt output.

(3) A variable speed option improves CFM/Watt even more, especially during ramp up and ramp down periods.

Thanks to its high output capacity, impressive energy efficiency and superior materials, Chore-Time's ENDURA® Fan may just be the best tunnel fan available on the market!

Single-phase 60 Hz
Energy-Efficient ENDURA®
Fan Performance
at .10 Static Pressure:

Standard Mount
27,100 CFM
23.0 CFM/Watt

Flush Mount
26,400 CFM
21.7 CFM/Watt


Now available in a flush-mount model to eliminate obstructions inside the poultry house!

 Consider a mix of Energy-Efficient and High-Capacity Fan models for best energy savings.  The most efficient combination varies by house size and air speed target.



Single-phase 60 Hz
High-Capacity ENDURA®
Fan Performance
at .10 Static Pressure:

Standard Mount
30,400 CFM
20.4 CFM/Watt

Flush Mount
29,600 CFM
19.2 CFM/Watt


What would it mean to you to be able to save hundreds of
dollars per house per year for the life of your loan?

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