Isn't it time you joined Chore-Time's Revolution?
Introducing the new
REVOLUTION® Floor Flood Feeder!


Patented with Additional Patents Pending

REVOLUTION® Floor Flood Broiler Feeder

The REVOLUTION┬É® Feeder's 14-inch diameter
gives more feeding space per pan, plus your
choice of a grill with 8 or 12 spokes.

Get the only feeding system with these revolutionary benefits:


  • More feed capacity
  • Easy access to feed
  • Less feed waste
  • Better starts
  • No transition "stall"
  • Outstanding daily weight gain


  • Patented sculpted grill
  • Management ease


  • After-sale support
  • Network of exceptional independent distributors



  • High clearance grill allows for natural bird movement while eating.
  • "T-"shaped grill spokes are easy-in, easy-out for birds. 
  • Birds quickly learn they can reach the feed without climbing in the pan.

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