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3 Reasons to Try Chore-Time's REVOLUTION® Feeder

Reason 1 - Chore-Time's Rotary Flood Gate


  • Chore-Time's Rotary Flood Gate's inner cone rotates within the outer cone to adjust the feeder's variable flood level.
  •  As birds grow and the feeder is raised, continue to flood or close the rotary gate and use one of the six grow-out feed settings.
  • Adjust all feeders automatically with a CHORE-TRONICS® Controller or manually with Chore-Time's ACCU-CLICK™ Winch System.

Rotary Gate on Chore-Time's
REVOLUTION® Feeding System

Scalloped Grill Is Comfortably Curved

Reason 2 - The Feeder's Scalloped Grill


  • Scalloped pan/grill perimeter matches the shape of today’s larger birds.

  • Pan is both deep and shallow – controls waste like a deep pan while providing easy access like a shallow pan.

  • Pan is 1/2 inch lower at the eating area than some other feeders.

Reason 3 - Bird Weight Gain with Feed Savings


  • Choose your results - finish heavier or quicker!
  • With Chore-Time’s REVOLUTION® Feeder, birds may reach mature weight a day or two earlier. Or, if your market date is fixed, birds may gain extra weight by harvest.
  • Give your birds a REVOLUTION boost by changing their feed level with the only feeder that can do it both gradually and automatically ... Chore-Time’s REVOLUTION® Feeder!


Designed for Bird Weight Gain and Feed Savings! 

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