Grain Storage, Handling,
Conditioning and Structures

Poultry Care and Management

Sow and Pig Care
and Management

Laying Hen Care
and Management

Food Processing, Weighing,
Packaging and Software

Industrial Equipment
and Applications

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Growing Opportunities

CTB, Inc. is Helping to Feed a Hungry World® through a number of business units that manufacture and supply systems and solutions primarily for the grain, poultry, pig and egg sectors of the agricultural supply chain. Beyond traditionally ag-oriented solutions, we also produce buildings, stables, software solutions for food processing and products for various other applications.

With every industry we touch, we are Growing Opportunities for our customers, employees, shareholders and people around the world.

Founded in 1952 – Annual Sales: $1 billion

3,000+ Employees Worldwide – 46 Manufacturing & Warehouse Facilities

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