Helping to Feed a Hungry World®

About CTB

“You’re helping to feed the world, and nothing is more important than that.”

Warren Buffett, Chief Executive Officer of Berkshire Hathaway

Our Global Challenge

The world population is growing, and the amount of farmland per capita is shrinking. All the while the demand for higher-protein food sources is increasing rapidly. To meet these challenges, we need to develop new technologies to help agricultural producers and processors become more efficient while maintaining a safe, sustainable, affordable and abundant global food supply.

But our challenge does not end with the food supply chain. As the population grows, biofuel and other industrial uses for agricultural and related products will increase in demand.

Leadership Through Innovation®

CTB is at the forefront of the challenge to feed a growing population. And we are leading the way through innovation and the development of new technologies that increase agricultural efficiency. As a result, we have experienced phenomenal growth and further established our strong global presence in the market.

Strategy, Vision & Values

One key to CTB’s success is our clearly articulated corporate strategy, vision and values – sometimes referred to as SV².

» Emerge as best cost manufacturer
» Emphasize product driven focus
» Expand global physical presence
» Fortify through acquisition
» Enhance financial strength

» Leadership Through Innovation®

» Integrity in all things
» Customers are why we exist
» Profitability is a must
» Excellence in all we do
» People make the difference

 “We have a long-standing heritage of commitment to excellence, leadership and innovation. These are attributes that have served us well through more than 65 years of growth, and will continue to serve us in the future in our ongoing development of more effective and efficient ways to help feed a hungry world.”

Victor A. Mancinelli
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

History of CTB

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Animal Care

Good animal care is good business. To read more, click here.

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