Animal Care

CTB’s Commitment to Animal Care

• CTB believes proper animal care is the right thing to do and a moral and ethical priority.

• Animal comfort is among the primary product design factors influencing CTB’s business units.

• CTB is also committed to product improvement and innovation to enhance quality animal care.

Examples of Animal Care Considerations at CTB:

Products from CTB’s Brands Are Designed for Animal Comfort and Safety

  • Many equipment surfaces are rounded and contoured.
  • Alarm systems notify growers if power is interrupted at the farm.
  • Software provides real-time information about what is happening at the farm.

Products from CTB’s Brands Are Designed to Optimize the Animals’ Environment

  • The animals’ total environment is controlled electronically for optimum conditions.
  • Evaporative cooling systems provide air conditioned comfort for the animals.
  • Inlets help mix air of different temperatures for greater animal comfort.

Products from CTB’s Brands Are Designed to Ensure that Growing Animals Get the Feed and Water They Need

  • Electronic controls deliver feed on the schedule best suited for the animals so they receive the right amount of feed at the appropriate interval.
  • Feeders are designed for easy feed access for birds and pigs of all ages.
  • Watering controls run fresh, cool water through drinker lines throughout the day and accommodate changes in bird demands for water.

Products from CTB’s Brands Are Designed to Create Conditions that Facilitate Animal Health

  • Enclosed bins and conveyors protect feed from weather, rodents and contamination.
  • Products are designed to be easy to clean and sanitize.
  • Enclosed buildings help protect animals from predators and disease.

Products from CTB’s Brands Are Designed to Respect Animals’ Individual Needs and Natural Behavior

  • Systems include configurations that permit natural movement by animals.
  • Pig feeding stations offer both food and water, so animals can self-regulate the ratio of feed to water.
  • Electronic feeding systems permit feed amounts to be customized for each animal.

Systems from CTB’s Brands Are Designed to Anticipate the Animal Care Standards of the Future

  • Regular dialog with growers, integrators and other industry professionals influences equipment development.
  • Software for food processing applications enables traceability.
  • Various geographic locations increase awareness of regional changes in animal care practices.

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