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CTB’s Brock Grain Systems Division Announces Multimillion Dollar Plant Expansion And Improvements

Brock Grain Systems

MILFORD, Ind., U.S.A., June 29, 2007 – CTB has announced that its Brock Grain Systems division plans to add 75,000 square feet to its manufacturing facilities in Milford, Indiana, as well as improving its existing facilities in Milford; Kansas City, Missouri; and Frankfort, Indiana. The approximately $10 million project will encompass added floor space, equipment upgrades and facility enhancements in Milford, as well as equipment upgrades in Kansas City and process improvements in Frankfort. According to CTB president and chief executive officer, Victor A. Mancinelli, “The expansion project is driven by strong growth in the demand for grain storage bins and related grain handling, conditioning and drying products manufactured and provided by Brock, due largely to the dramatic increase in the amount of corn required by the ethanol industry.”

Doug Niemeyer, vice president and general manager for Brock Grain Systems, added, “The project will include expanding our Milford plant to enhance and streamline production and shipping facilities. As part of the project, we will also be investing in key pieces of equipment and integrated production lines in Milford and Kansas City, increasing efficiency and overall capacity in both plants.” Additionally, Niemeyer noted that Brock will be implementing efficiency improvements in its Frankfort, Indiana plant. To support higher levels of shipments associated with the increased demand, Brock anticipates modest increases in overall employment levels, tempered by improved productivity expected as a result of the initiative.

Founded in 1957, Brock is a leading global provider of grain systems and offers a comprehensive line of grain storage, handling, conditioning, and drying systems to the grain production industry around the world. Brock has served the ethanol industry specifically for nearly 10 years. Brock’s commercial product line includes grain storage bins up to 105 feet in diameter with overall heights up to 119 feet and a maximum storage capacity of more than 730,000 bushels; innovative roller belt conveying systems and BROCK® MODEL ABC® Grain Sweeps; fans and heaters for conditioning grain; and BROCK® Commercial Tower Dryers. Brock’s product line also includes similar products for farm applications, as well as storage, handling and containment systems for industrial use.

About Brock Grain Systems
Brock Grain Systems is a part of the CTB, Inc. family of companies. CTB is a leading global designer, manufacturer and marketer of systems and solutions for the poultry, pig, egg production, and grain industries. Its products and services are “Helping to Feed a Hungry World®” through improved efficiency in the care of poultry and livestock as well as in grain storage, handling, conditioning and drying. Founded in 1952, CTB has been dedicated to “Leadership Through Innovation®”throughout its history. The company operates from multiple locations in various countries around the world and serves its customers through a worldwide network of independent dealers and distributors. CTB’s web address is

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