Seamless Data Integration from Farm to Fork

Cynergy: Seamless Data Integration from Farm to Fork

Putting the power of information to work in the food industry.

CYNERGY™ is an innovative cloud-based platform that collects, interprets, and integrates data along every step of food production and processing across multiple CTB, Inc. products. It is the only fully integrated data platform of its kind and works with existing smart systems as well as CTB, Inc. premium partners.

“CYNERGY™ collects data from strategic points along the value chain, allowing producers to optimize for long term planning.”

Bob Christenson, Chore-Time, Controls Product Manager, CTB, Inc.

Watch the full presentation to learn more about CYNERGY™ and how CTB is applying Industry 4.0 practices to food production.

CYNERGY™ is an open, cloud-based solution of CTB products sharing data to provide rich features and capabilities including access to other systems. CYNERGY enables customers to access and run a deeper analysis on that collected data to do predictive, long-term planning.”

Kathy Barbeire, Senior Manager, Marketing, CAT Squared

Watch the full presentation to learn what CTB’s CYNERGY™ System offers the poultry industry.

This CTB TECHTalk features a panel of experts representing various facets of the poultry value chain providing insightful conversation on the tangible benefits of digital transformation for agriculture and food industry businesses.

Watch the full 2024 IPPE TECHTALK presentation to learn more about CYNERGY™ an innovation from the CTB family of brands.

Esta TECHTalk de CTB cuenta con un panel de expertos que representan diversos aspectos de la cadena de valor de las aves de corral y brindan una conversación esclarecedora sobre los beneficios tangibles de la transformación digital para las empresas de la industria agrícola y alimentaria.

Mire la presentación completa de IPPE TECHTALK 2024 en español para obtener más información sobre CYNERGY™, una innovación de la familia de marcas CTB.

CYNERGY™ makes more possible.

Track and optimize your value chain efficiency at critical points in the supply chain:

  • Seamless Data Integration.
    Implement devices, sensors, and automated machinery across the supply chain to ensure standardized data and protocols for streamlined integration along every step from the farm, processing, shipping, and the dinner plate.
  • Real-time Insights.
    Utilize cloud computing, AI, and machine learning for data collection and processing, enabling predictive analytics for enhanced supply chain management.
  • Traceability.
    Ensure product quality with secure blockchain technology, offering verifiable information about food products’ origin and quality.
  • Supply Chain Visibility.
    Increase visibility with real-time information, optimize production schedules, and plan efficient delivery routes.
  • Consumer Engagement.
    Encourage transparency, allowing access to detailed product information and fostering trust.
  • Regulatory Compliance.
    Stay ahead of the standards with accurate records and real-time monitoring.

Tap Into the Potential of Farm to Fork Data Integration

CYNERGY™ Ready CTB Premium Partners

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