Seamless Data Integration from Farm to Fork

Cynergy: Seamless Data Integration from Farm to Fork

Putting the power of information to work in the food industry.

CYNERGY™ is an innovative cloud-based platform that collects, interprets, and integrates data along every step of food production and processing across multiple CTB, Inc. products. It is the only fully integrated data platform of its kind and works with existing smart systems as well as CTB, Inc. premium partners.

“CYNERGY™ collects data from strategic points along the value chain, allowing producers to optimize for long term planning.”

Bob Christenson, Chore-Time, Controls Product Manager, CTB, Inc.

Watch the full presentation to learn more about CYNERGY™ and how CTB is applying Industry 4.0 practices to food production.

CYNERGY™ makes more possible.

Track and optimize your value chain efficiency at critical points in the supply chain:

Tap Into the Potential of Farm to Fork Data Integration

CYNERGY™ Ready CTB Premium Partners

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