Joost Weel

Joost Weel, Managing Director – Meyn

Joost Weel is the Managing Director for the Meyn business unit of CTB, Inc. He joined Meyn in 2011, and Meyn was subsequently acquired by CTB in 2012.

In his position, Weel is responsible for providing overall management for Meyn globally, leading the board of directors, informing stakeholders, setting and achieving strategic goals, and creating awareness and alignment between business units.

Weel began his career in public accounting with a leading global firm. He originally joined Meyn as Group Controller and was eventually named Chief Financial Officer.

Weel holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Hogeschool Inholland in Alkmaar, The Netherlands; a post-bachelor’s degree in business economics from Hogeschool Inholland and Nyenrode Business University in Diemen, The Netherlands; and a master’s degree in accounting and control from Free University in Amsterdam.

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