Kimberly Parish

Kimberly Parish, Vice President and Corporate Controller – CTB, Inc.

Kimberly Parish is Vice President and Corporate Controller for CTB, Inc., joining the company in 2023.

Parish oversees financial reporting and related activities for CTB, Inc. and its business units.

Before Parish’s current role, she spent nearly 25 years gaining experience in corporate, operational, and not-for-profit accounting and leadership roles. She has served in a variety of capacities such as assistant vice president, director of finance, chief financial officer, and controller.

She is a graduate of St. Mary of the Woods College, Terre Heute, Indiana, where she obtained her bachelor’s degree in accounting, with a minor in computer informational systems and a master’s degree in leadership development. Parish also earned a Master of Business Administration degree from Christian Brothers University, Memphis, Tennessee.

Currently, Parish resides in Granger, Indiana, with her husband and their two dogs. Her hobbies include traveling, gardening, and reading.

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