Tina Streit

Tina Streit, Vice President and General Manager – Chore-Time Group

Tina Streit is Vice President and General Manager for Chore-Time. She joined the company in 2005.

Streit is responsible for overall global management of the Chore-Time business unit, including operations, engineering, sales and service. She leads the management team in developing and driving key strategic initiatives. She also partners with Chore-Time’s distribution network to best serve global customers.

Streit originally joined CTB as Controller, serving the Value-Added Processing Manufacturing Group, Ironwood Plastics, PigTek and finally the Chore-Time business unit. She also held the position of Interim Regional Sales Manager for Latin America Sales for Chore-Time.

A graduate from Manchester College in North Manchester, Indiana, Streit has a Master of Accountancy degree. She worked for a top 10 public accounting firm for eight years prior to joining CTB. In her spare time, she enjoys playing tennis and piano, as well as spending time with friends and family.

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